Anna-Lisa Notter, Founding Artist

A true visionary, Anna-Lisa’s crib had to be placed in the middle of her nursery because her mother found her ripping the wallpaper off of the walls as soon as she could hold herself up.  When left home with her father babysitting, she managed to find a permanent marker and draw not only all over the walls, but also on her mother’s collector Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls’ faces. At Sunday school, the teachers would find her coloring during all the lessons and making piles of peeled-off crayon paper everywhere.

Anna-Lisa’s raw impulses were later honed at Western Washington University and Gage Academy of the Arts.  Her obsession with drawing, color and anything textile has continued into her adulthood and found its outlet on canvases, allowing her family to breathe easy as she now paints on other peoples’ walls.  Anna-Lisa lives in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood with her husband Mike and their baby, Willow Bea.

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