C&E Lovefest

I felt so privileged to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend, Courtnae Dunn, as she married the amazing Erik Nilsson this August! It was an honor to gift them with what I love to do most – chalkboard signage AND harmonies on a Bruce Springsteen song with my husband and the lovely Ada Ketchie. The best!!

welcomesign justmarried foodmenu drinkmenu c&elove

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What’s Behind the Pink Door…!

Summer time and the living is easy…
Well, actually, this mural is quite sweaty, but I get to eat Pink Door food and paint a GIGANTIC mural in Pike Place Market for the full month of July! Stay tuned to see who swings “behind the Pink Door.” The reveal party is coming to a patio near you in August!

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Project Girl Crush

I’ve been featured in a blog! Thanks to Genevieve Pierson and Jen Utley for asking me to contribute to their amazing project. I am beyond flattered and surrounded by incredible, crushable women. Check them out Project Girl Crush! here and you can read more than you ever wanted to know about me through my long-winded, winding-rambling answers…

A-L photo 1

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Cascade Bicycle Studio

Custom painted signs and chalkboard design for Cascade Bicycle Studio
Assisted by Kim Berkley
February 2014



CBS in store


CBS customers







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Wedding Chalkboard Art

Hired to create signage for Oak & Cypress Weddings

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Mural Camp Mania

Here’s a recap of our Mural Camp! We probably had about twelve painters on the wall at all times and there were varying levels of both experience and age. Everyone did great and really blossomed over the course of camp. In addition to assisting with color mixing and helping out our campers, I was lucky enough to squeeze in time to paint Mahalia Jackson, Janis Joplin and Mr. Bob Dylan’s faces myself. Thanks again, Don Rockwell, for all the knowledge shared and fun memories!

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Croasdale Commission

I got to make a chalkboard triptych for a set of brothers. These three boards now hang one above the other in the their playroom, leaving the bottom board mostly open to encourage some creativity with chalk from the boys themselves. Word on the street is that another brother is on his way…! Good thing it was done in chalk…

finn+welles pochosnail

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Pink Door Commission


I’m thrilled to share that I sold an original illustration to The Pink Door! During one of my chalk board ventures (which you can peruse from earlier posts) I came up with this little guy. A monkey swinging from a chandelier, holding his martini. You have to visit the restaurant yourself to see how this captures the vibe. The owner liked it enough that she wanted to own it for future use on whatever fits the bill. It’s first appearance has been on our mid-day and late-night menus. See it for yourself and grab a lasagna! 1919 Post Alley.

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Mural Camp

Join us this summer for Mural Camp in Seattle! Don Rockwell will lead up a band of enthusiastic painters of all ages to conquer the huge Silver Platters wall on Lower Queen Anne. I get to act as his assistant, helping to create a History of Rock n’ Roll & Blues. Join us for any (or all) of his four week-long sessions.

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Pink Door Chalkboards

The Pink Door
Pike Place Market
Seattle, WA

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