The Gun

This week, I’m drawing a gun. Arlan Lackie’s company, Checkered Past, refinishes and paints old furniture and then sells it. We were talking about an old desk drawer and how it’d be sweet to hide a gun in the top right drawer. Say no more. Here’s my first gun still life ever, in charcoal and chalk. Less then a week later, the gun was done and found its way to a happy new home office. At least I hope it’s happy…I assume it’s funny. 

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Tacky Smack

I’m designing vinyl wall decals thanks to Tacky Smack!
Check out their website to see all the other amazing designs.

tackysmackpalm tackysmackkeys tackysmackbirch




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First Nephew

Waiting for the arrival of my sister’s first baby…after so many movies and walks around the block, I get antsy hands. His bedroom closet doors are luckily covered in chalk paint.


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